The enVention Interoperability Team is focused on providing Warfighters with real-time Situational Awareness and C³ capabilities using experience and knowledge gathered over decades across multiple premier missile defense systems. Our experience in Systems Architecture Design, Systems Requirement Engineering, Software Development, Integration, Information Assurance and Hardware Selection plays key roles in the capabilities of PATRIOT, THAAD, JTAGS, UAS Gray Eagle, Army Network Design Facility (ANDF), and Integrated Air Missile Defense (IAMD). We excel at solving difficult problems using innovative and creative technologies to surpass Warfighter expectations of reliability and performance in the field.

Areas of Expertise

Tactical Data Links (TDL)

  • MIL_STD 3011 – JREAP
  • MIL-STD 6016 – TADIL-J
  • MIL_STD 6017 – VMF / BFT
  • MIL_STD 6020
  • S-TADIL-J  – SAT-J
  • Serial-J
  • MIDS Army Data Distribution System Interface (ADDSI) X.25
  • MIDS Platform-J
  • CTC-IN


  • Mode-S / ADS-B
  • FAA Radar / Network Aircraft Tracking

Command & Control (C²)

  • Common Information Exchange Specification (CIXS)

Simulation and Modeling

  • DIS
  • HLA
  • Objective Simulation Framework (OSF)